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Does Your Website Show Up On Yahoo?

Google is the most popular search engine, but it’s not the only one that exists. People still use other engines to find the websites they’re looking for. That’s why Yahoo is still in business. But because so many website design companies focus on Google, these other engines are often overlooked. Where does your website show up Yahoo search results — and how can you improve your rank without compromising your Google standing?

How to Get a Better Ranking on Yahoo

Like most search engines, Yahoo works with keywords. The words you type into the search bar are searched, at incredible speeds, across millions of websites. It all happens in a matter of microseconds so that to you the results become instant and appear the moment you hit the “enter” key or click your mouse button. The key to getting a good ranking for your site on Yahoo, and on any search engine, is SEO.

Search engine optimization can involve many techniques, but one way to potentially improve your ranking is to include relevant keywords on your website. The use of these keywords can provide context and help the search engine’s bots recognize what your site is about — allowing web users to find you when they search for a specific term.

However, it’s not as simple as creating a bunch of pages with a specific keyword listed on your website over and over. This isn’t enough to fool Yahoo, Google, or any other search engines you hope to use to your advantage.

Build a Stronger Online Presence

Four in five consumers use search engines when they’re looking for local information, with most people using a search engine at least once a day. Websites make themselves stand out to search engines by providing searchable content. This basically means words, videos, and images that are put on websites to draw in traffic and keep users looking around on the pages. Good website design incorporates text into pages. But this only works when the text is optimized for keywords — meaning that it is more likely to appear in search results. This is how you can increase your ranking on Yahoo and other search engines, including the ever-popular Google.

Optimizing your website to rank higher on Yahoo, then, shouldn’t hurt your standing on Google. In fact, you may improve where your website ranks with both search engines (and others) at the same time. Search engine optimization actually works with all search engines. This means that the more you optimize your pages, the more places your site will appear and the better its ranking will ultimately be.

In order to get your website to rank higher on Yahoo, you need content that’s full of the important keywords people would use to search for your site online. A strong keyword-to-content ratio will keep your site high up in the results list. And let’s face it: if your site isn’t pretty close to the top of the list, you’re not going to get much traffic to your pages. Use a website designer that incorporates optimized content into your pages to help you build a stronger online presence. This will give you a stronger standing with Yahoo and all the search engines, so you’ll receive more traffic, more customers, and more success.

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