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How to Make Sure Your Website is Found

Starting up a website for your business or brand can sound daunting. One of the main questions business owners have when thinking about a website is, “How can I utilize web design to connect with my audience?” The answer is not really as cut and dry as one might assume. Utilize these tips from the experts to help you understand how effective website design can give you the edge over the competition.

Understand How Users Think

To understand effective website design, it is imperative that you understand how users think and what they want out of a website. Each month in the United States, there are 40-60 billion searches on Google. When users search for content or information, they are looking for something useful and something that catches their eye. While drawing in your audience is great, it is often not enough. You also have to provide your audience with something that will keep them interested and engaged.

Users Don’t Read

When users search for information on Google, they will generally decide on one of the first couple options that are presented to them. When they open that result, they are not likely to read everything that is presented on the page. Instead, users are known for scanning. Scanning hotspots are typically located near the top, sides, and first half portion of the landing page. In order to draw the reader’s eye down and to all information, a website designer will need to strategically place elements on the page.

Users Want Instant Satisfaction

When a user lands on a page of a website, they do not want to have to think about the content or design elements that are presented. Instead, they want instant satisfaction. This means that an effective website design gives something back to the user. Whether that is in the form of aesthetically pleasing visuals or helpful resources. Users do not want to have to put in work on a page in order to find what they are looking for.

Designing a website sounds like a daunting task. The fact of the matter is, it’s not easy. That is why there are professional website designers that can help take your website and design elements to the next level, providing you with a means of connecting with your intended audience.

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